How to Earn money by video chatting in English

Are you able to speak English fluently? or your native language is English, then you are eligible for this. you can earn money by speaking these people who don’t speak English fluently, and you don’t need any degree in this. earn money online by video chatting

basically, you have to speak with no English speaking person so that their English speaking can improve or they can learn English by talking to you.

If I talk about the money, you can earn $0.17 USD per minute ($10.20/hour). I am talking about Cambly, it has a worldwide audience & you can earn money just speaking with someone at home.

This is a Cambly English teaching platform you can reach a worldwide audience. you have to talk with them. so that their fluency in English will improve.

you dont have to go office or no fixed time for its or anytime.

visit signup for teaching. You will need a laptop and a good internet connection so that when you are video chatting with Students then shouldn’t be any Lagging. Poor internet connection will affect the conversation. If Students don’t have a good experience with you then they will not return to you. That will reduce your returning students.

If students are happy with you then they will return to you next time. so increasing of returning students will increase your video chatting time.

Cambly calculates those video chatting minutes and pay to weekly. More minutes of conversation means more earning. Cambly pays you 0.17 USD per minute. So when Students are returning to you, your video conferencing time will Increase and earnings will rise.

it’s quite fun to talk with anyone in the world. You can ask students, what is your name, where are you from, what do you do, etc, etc.

In Cambly Most of the students will join to you who understands English and they want to improve English. they will practice English by talking to you, and you have to correct them if they speak something wrong.

if your daily total conversation time is 6.5 hours than you can make nearly 2000 USD monthly. although it’s not that good amount of money in a big city. but if anyone wants to earn extra money, then you can do this or in the small city earning amount is quite good.


Above the article is about Cambly, you can earn money from home by video chatting with worldwide students in English. so that their English speaking will improve. you need a computer or laptop with a good internet connection. so that video conversation will clear. poor internet connection affects your conversation. and students may not come to you again. if students returning to you that so that your video chatting time will be improved. cambly calculate your total video chatting time and pay you 0.17 USD per minute.

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