FD Calculator – Calculate Fixed Deposit

This is the online FD Calculator or fixed deposits calculator. Calculate Fixed Deposit interest, return, or Maturity amount in a simple calculation.

What is an FD or FIXED deposit?

Investing a fixed amount of money for a long time is an FD or fixed deposit.

People Investing to lump sum amount for a specific period of time ( generally it’s for 10 years) so that after the specific period, they will get interest with the principal amount.

This is secured and easy to open an account. Banks or any other institutions are welcome for this.

Banking shares price up down or low profitability of the finicial institutions , that will not damage the return amount. That why most of the people keep some amount for their future.

Old age people can do this type of Investment for their safety. And old-age people will get a little high-interest rate compared to the below 60 years of people.

If you open accounts in a corporate institution then interest will be higher then banks .but in banks you can get a loan if you urgently need money. But in the corporate, this will not easy to take the loan over FD.

Benefits of Fixed Deposit

  • It gives higher return compared to saving account
  • If any companies provide a Fixed Deposit account. They will give more interest.
  • Investment is safer, market factuality doesn’t affect on returning amount.
  • you can open multiple accounts. For several Investments.
  • If you invest a fixed amount of money in an account. And again you want to invest more, then open another account.
  • In case you need money but this money is locked in, so you can take a loan from the FIxed deposit account.
  • Interest for older people ( above 60 years age) is higher than normal people.

Tax criteria

The interest of the principal amount is taxable. the tax rate depends on your interest-earning value. generally, the range of the tax is 10 to 30 percent. before inviting you can ask where you depositing your money.

where to open a Fixed deposit account

Mostly all the national banks, private banks, and NBFC, and some corporate also give Service to open your account.

The money will lock for the maturity period. if you want to withdraw then you have to pay a penalty.

What is FD Calculator

FD calculator helps you to Calculate your maturity amount, and interest amount easily.

Some people don’t know how to calculate or what is the Formula of FD. or if people know the formula and also know how to calculate. But still, it takes time for calculation of the FD.

That why this FD calculator helps you to Calculate your return amount, and the total interest you will get in the future.

How to Use this FD calculator

  • Deposit Amount: The lump sum amount you want to invest in. This is not installment money. Only one-time money that you will put.
  • Year: This is The number of years you will stay invested in your money. In Simple words, this is the locking period of your money or maturity period.
  • % Of Interest: The rate of interest you will get of your principal amount. So enter the percentage of return or % of the interest you will are expecting.
  • Maturity Amount: The total money you will get in the Maturity period. Maturity money is the summation of deposit money and Interest Amount. The total value which will you get.

FD calculator Formula

This is the simple FD calculator.the calculation is base on Simple return Formula.

Formula = deposit + (deposit × interest rate × year)

Example: Assume you have invested 10000 for 10 years and the interest rate is 8%. So after 10 years later, your simple interest will be 8000. And total maturity money will be 10000 +8000 = 18000. So 10 years later, you will get 18000. And this will be shown using the above earnfo.com FD calculator online.

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