Fractal Chaos oscillator – Trading Strategy

Fractal Chaos Oscillator (FCO) is the derivative of Fractal Chaos Bands. This indicator Oscillate with fractal chaos band movements.

Indicator Setting

Fractal Chaos Oscillator setting

How Fractal Chaos Oscillator work

Fractal Chaos Oscillator oscillate above or below zero. Unlike other Oscillators, FCO moving above or below the ‘0’ line doesn’t tell you bullish or bearish signal.

  • As the FCO indicator is derivative of Fractal chaos bands that’s why this will oscillate changing with Fractal bands.
  • The indicator oscillate above or below zero line with the changing of Fractal bands.
  • If the fractal upper band is moving upward then FCO will oscillate above ‘0’ line.
  • if fractal chaos bands are flat, FCO line will return to 0 line.
  • If fractal Lower band moving down, then the indicator line will move down below ‘0’ line.

if you want to use this indicator the search on your trading software “fractal chaos oscillator” in the setting of this indicator only the result option available.

The Result is the color of the indicator line. by default it’s black. but you can change the color as you want. but the color is not much important if you see line properly . then ok.

Fractal Chaos Oscillator Trading Strategy

  • FCO will reflect the Fractal band’s movement. In the trending market, Fractal bands will be slope and this indicator will oscillate above zero line.
  • In the volatile market, this indicator line will return to the ‘0’ line.


This indicator will not give you buying or selling Position because it only reflects fractal bands changing.

So using this trending market will not show properly. Also, this indicator isn’t helpful for neither long term nor long term trading.


Fractal Chaos Oscillator is derived from the fractal bands. this indicator will reflection of Fractal bands. Above ‘0’ line Teeth will be formed after rising of the upper band & below ‘0’ line teeth will be formed after moving down of lower band.

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