How to get famous in the stock market for beginners

Beginners come to share market become successful in the share market so that they can rich and get famous in the stock market.

Here I will discuss most valuable points ( in short word) that famous investors do

1. Never stop learning

The stock market is like an open space. Your learning will never stop, so learn more and more about the stock market, what successful investors do, their quotes, read Books, read Warren Buffett’s annual letter, etc. One quote of Warren Buffett’s “The more you learn, the more you earn”.

If you read all articles on this website your thoughts will be more clear about the stock market.

2. Stay Calm in share market

While gaining or downfall of the share price you have to be calm. If you are calm your decision will more correct .you can maintain discipline.

3. Stop loss

This is the only way to save your money from losing. if you are a beginner in the stock market then you have to know about your loss limit. If you want to famous in the share market you have to give a stop loss at the exact price.

4. Entry Exit Timing

stock market entry and exit key of succeed. Having money in your hand that isn’t mean you have to buy stock.

If the market trend going down then you have to wait for some time until the market starts recovering. Because you shouldn’t catch a falling knife( Share). It could damage your hand( money).

Why I’m telling you not to buy falling stocks? Some people try to find the bottom of stock then shares falling continue… So try to avoid falling Shares.

Sometimes Good fundamentally strong share also falling with the market. So these are the opportunities to buy good companies share at low prices.

If the market trend going upward then suddenly don’t spend all your money. It should be gradually. You can invest like a systematic monthly plane (SIP).

And 3rd senario if market is flat then you should observe market, research more stocks. And find best stock for future.

5. Patients

Don’t Do over trading or avoid trading, beginners always show impatient in share market & Trying to earn more money overnight. But beginners have to understand that investments are for long term goals.

Doing overtrading as a biginners isn’t a good decision.

6. Control your emotions

Battling with full of emotions you can lose the battle. Similarly stock market is mind battle you have to control while investing or trading. Emotional for Losses, emotionally connect with some stocks emotional for recovering losses that aren’t good. Not controlled emotions can be the reason for more losses.

7. Money management

In the share market good money management is the way. Like how much money invest? how to manage losses? How much loss you can bear so that you can select a perfect stop loss for your portfolio. Good money management makes you famous in the stock market as a beginner.

8. Money locking

Before investing to stock market you have to decide that how much money much you can lock for long term.

Because if you buy a stock today than stock price falling & you need those invested money. So that you have to sell it with losses.

Another point is if the stock market regulator issues in a particular stock. That can’t be sold for the next 3 years. In this case your money is locked for the next three years. So you can get in trouble if you need those invested money.


If you have also question that How To Get Famous In The Stock Market For Beginners?

One line answer is, learn more & more & more from authentic sources. You can read more Posts on this website Gain knowledge about the share market, earning possibilities.

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