Highest High Value indicator – Formula, Trading Strategy

Highest High Value (HHV) indicates the Highest High value (HHV) of the specific periods. While set-up this indicator you can specify the Period number & Indicator will show defined periods high price.

HHV indicator Setting

Highest High Value setup
  • Period: Set the number of Periods. The indicator line will show the defined Period’s highest price. By default, the period is 14.
  • Result: this is the color setting of the HHV line.

How HHV indicator works

the HHV indicator is show the only peak price of the 14 periods.

Formula is= n period highest high value.
Highest High Value indicator
See above the chart, here see the last 14 Period peak price is 493.00 & the same value shows in the indicator. When market archive new high then this indicator value will be changed. But if market falling or stables after reaching high then Indicator value will remain the same.

What Highest high value Indicator tells you,

  • HHV tells you when the Market is rising then this indicator line will move upward with rising price. After rising the market if the market is little falling then the indicator will show 14 periods the highest price of the share.
  • if the market is falling, then the indicator will show 14 Period highest price of the share. If 14 Period’s highest price is decreasing compared to the previous highest price, then the indicator line will fall.
  • In the volatile market, HHV indicator Line will be stable. Because volatile Market or sideways market share prices will not make new high continue. That’s why the indicator line will not move.

Highest High Value indicator Trading Strategy

Continue falling of the value of this indicator is the sign of share price is falling and the share price is in bearish Trend.

Continue rising of the value of this indicator is the sign of share price is rising and the share price is in a bullish trend.

You can use a combination of the MACD indicator with the HHV indicator. When the HHV indicator line is rising and in the MACD indicator, the MACD line is crossing the Signal line and rising upward direction. This is the buying signal.

And if the signal line is crossing the MACD line and moving down then this is the selling signal.

If the 14 periods highest price is breaking in the range-bound market, this can give a breakout of the share price. And after Breakout share price can rise more.


The highest high value indicates the defined period’s highest Price. the indicator will show a defined period peak price.

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