What is Lowest Low Value indicator (trading strategy)

In a simple word, the lowest low value (LLV) indicator tells you, specific periods lowest low price.

If I elaborate this, assume within the 14-period share lowest price is 100 level. So the lowest low-value indicator line will stick to 100 level until 14-period share price touches a new low price. If share price touch a new low 95 price level within 14 day’s then indicator line will stick to 95 levels. And indicator line will not move. This indicator shows a certain Period of low price.

Lowest Low value indicator Setting

lowest low value indicator setting
  • Period: The default period is 14. So, you can change this period. If you change this period to 28 periods. So that within 28 candlesticks lowest price value will show this indicator Line.
  • Result: this is the indicator line color setting. The default color is black but you can change this color.

How lLV indicator Works

The lowest low-value formula is a specific period Lowest low price. The specific period you can set in the setting of this indicator. 14 period is the default period in this indicator. This means 14 periods (candlestick ) Lowest price will be shown in this indicator line.

Lowest low value indicator trading strategy

One important strategy using the LLV indicator is, the share price is moving in a zig-zag pattern, in the bearish trend share price is fall in a zig-zag pattern, means share price will falling and then will start rising little bit then again will start falling. so in the falling trend when the share price is rising a little bit that tells us to share price can bounce back but if the share price starts falling again and if share price touches new low then indicator line will show the lowest low price. so in this position you can short sell the stock.

If the share price is falling continuously then the indicator line will show continuously show the lowest value, so that if earlier you bought the share then you can exit from the stock.


The lowest low-value (LLV) indicator will help you to show 14 periods the lowest price (14 is the default setting period). this indicates a certain period lowest price if the share price is breaking the lowest price then the indicator line will move to the lowest value. so in the falling market LLV show, you in lowest price is braking so that you can exit from the share or you can short sell.

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