redirect you too many times – WordPress How to Fix

If you are the owner of a WordPress website and you want to fix this issue then read this article.

if you are migrating your WordPress site or doing some setup and you get some error like:

  • redirect you too many times
  • redirected too many times
  • this page isn’t working domain redirected you too many times.
  • page redirected too many times

these are the same problem.

How to Fix this Redirect error?

Mostly this error comes from the “Really Simple SSL” plugin, so if you are using this plugin then before migrating your website, uninstall “Really Simple SSL” and then backup your website.

after backup, you can migrate to another hosting server.

or, if your site migrated to a new hosting server and doesn’t have the previous hosting. then try to log in to the wp-admin panel and then uninstall “Really Simple SSL”.

If you are not able to open wp-admin, then login to PHPMyAdmin and change https://your domain name to http://your domain name.

then try to open the WordPress wp-admin panel.

if all these things do not work for you then try to install WordPress again and while restoring the backup just skip plugin restore. after your website is restored successfully then you can install all the plugins including “Really Simple SSL”