Review of Zerodha-2020 (Good or Bad, full analysis)

Zerodha is the No.1 broker in India. So before opening Demat and trading and commodity accounts in Zerodha, Read this review of Zerodha discount broker.

Trust ability

✅Zerodha is safe because it’s registered with SEBI, NSE, BSE, and these institutions regularly audit Zerodha.

Opening fees

Trading & Demat AccountRs200/-
Commodity AccountRs100/-
To Open Account OfflineRs300/- Extra
  • If you think not to open Commodity Account then you have to Pay 200 Rupees for the online account open process.
  • For both equity and commodity Account 300 rs for online account opening process.
  • if you want to open an account in the offline process then 300 Rupees extra charges.

✅Opening Charges is not too much.

❌Some discount brokers opening charges is ‘Zero’.

Zerodha Trading Platform Review

It has 3 Trading Platform:

  1. for Mobile Download Zerodha Kite.
  2. and for Web browser Zerodha kite Web.
  3. For Laptop and computer Zerodha PI.

1.Zerodha kite Trading platform Review

As my Experience with Zerodha kite. Zerodha kite is one of the fastest and user-friendly trading software for beginners.

✅My personal opinion is I love the Zerodha kite trading platform, its faster, smooth, Clean, and user-friendly.

❌When too much share price is rising with volume. At that time this software shows some errors. Sometimes it’s happening. The overall trading platform is good.

2.Zerodha Kite Web Review

Zerodha kite web is the website version of the Zerodha kite Mobile app. mostly you can use in your web browser.

✅This is simple smooth faster and user-friendly.

3.Zerodha PI Review

Review Of Zerodha

Zerodha PI trading software for your computer and laptop. PI is the advance trading software, if you are a Pro trader then this software is for you. otherwise, you can use the kite web in your computer and laptop browser.

✅All three trading platforms are very good.

❌But sometimes when more traders buying and selling the stock. in that time your order may not execute. it also happened to me. but Zerodha is solving this. earlier it happened too often but now it’s not happened fewer.

Customer Support

Offline120+ Branches all over the india. visit nearest one.
OnlineCreate Tickets online.
OnlineRead Article on
Phone CallCall to zerodha customer care number

✅ I have called to Zerodha customer care much time for many queries they solved my problem all the time. So there are no issues in support.

❌ also, many people complain about customer support. so you can assume its average customer support.

Margin or Leverage

Review Of Zerodha

Margin is not you can expect around 3✕ to 10✕. and not margin for delivery.

Call & Trade Facility

You can buy and sell stock by phone call, but you have to pay Rs20/Trade.

✅ Most of the Discount brokers taking this amount of money. so this charges in not too much.

Review Of Zerodha

annual maintenance Charges

Rs300/- .this is the annual maintenance charges and you have to pay every year.

✅ Rs300/ is the average AMC charges. mostly other brokers charging 300 or more as an AMC charges.

Review Of Zerodha

Brokerage Charges

Brokerage charges is 0.03% and Maximum Rs20/-.
Delivery Is Free.

✅Brokerage charges are lowest as compared to other brokers. and this is the attraction of the people.

DP Charge

Depository Participant (DP) will take for delivery of the share. if you take delivery then you have to pay DP charges while selling.

DP Charges is Rs13.5/- +18%GST.

So, Rs15.95/- is the DP charge for every delivery transaction.

✅ DP Charges are not too much. DP charges are low as compared to other well-known discount brokers.


Zerodha is the No.1 stockbroker in India because this is the fast discount broker & it founded in 2010 by Nitin Kamath. And also brokerage and DP charges are low that’s why most of the people opening accounts in Zerodha.

Account Opening Charges is one time and maintenance charge is one time in a year but brokerage charges and DP charges will take every Complete Transaction. (if you want to trade Intraday then You Don’t have to pay DP charges).

And this is the reason Zerodha Is best broker India.

Review Of Zerodha

Summery of above article
Trust AbilityYes
Opening FeesDemat and trading=200, Comoduiiity=100, for Offline account opening=Rs300/-
Zerodha Trading Platform ReviewGood
1.Zerodha kite Trading platform ReviewGood
2.Zerodha Kite Web ReviewGood
3.Zerodha PI Reviewfor pro trader.
Customer Supportaverage
Margin / Leverage3 times to 10 times
Call & Trade FacilityYes. Rs20/trade
Annual Maintenance ChargesRs300/-
Brokerage Charges0.03% to Rs20 maximum/ trade
DP ChargesRs15.93 including GST.

should I open a Demat and trading account in Zerodha?

While opening the Demat account you have to check DP charges and Brokerage charges because DP and Brokerage charges you have to pay in every time when you sell the stock.

if you are doing intraday trading then you have to pay brokerage charges and if your buy and sell the stock on delivery bases then you have to pay DP charges. and in Zerodha brokerage charges is lowest and DP charge is also attractive. that’s why you can open an account in Zerodha.

Other charges like the opening charge is one time, and the maintenance charge is annually Rs300 one time in a year. which is common.

Review Of Zerodha

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