Should I Open Demat Account With Zerodha-2021 (Must Read)

Zerodha is India’s number 1 stockbroker. But one question might be come to your mind that should I open Demat account with Zerodha? below I’m sharing some point so you will get your answer:

Also, Why people are opening the Demat account in Zerodha? maybe some good thing in this stockbroker provide? because it takes lower charges with lots of good features.

Why People Opening Account in Zerodha?

Because Zerodha is the first discount broker in India. that’s why it has fast mover advantages. But apart from the fast mover advantage, it provides lots of features at a low cost than others which I’m discussing below. Should I Open Demat Account With Zerodha

  • It takes the lowest brokerage charge in the market. which is 0.03% or Rs20/ per trade (whichever is lower). the brokerage charges are lowest as compared to all full service and all the discount brokers in India. the brokerage charge is the main charges you have to know before opening the account. because every trading of the share you have to pay brokerage. if the brokerage charge is higher then you have to pay lots of money. that will not be a good thing.
  • And the 2nd main charge is DP charges (depository charges) that you have to pay every deliverable share when you will sell. if you are not an intraday trader then depository charge is the main factor that you have to check before opening the Demat account. and depository charge is Rs13.5+18%GST per deliverable trade. and DP charge is also lower as compared to other brokers. In the Indian market, 5paisa Depository charge is 12.5 then Zerodha 13.5. but 5paisa brokerage and other stockbrokers charge higher as compared to Zerodha. that why Zerodha in the Number 1 position.
  • The third important charge is AMC charges, AMC means annual maintenance charge which you have to pay every year. The annual maintenance charge is also justified. It takes Rs300/- as an annual maintenance charge. Upstox is India’s 2nd largest discount broker. usptox also taking Rs300 as a maintenance charge. so maintenance charge is also not higher than other brokers with brokerage and DP charge.
  • Opening charges, it takes 200 rupees to open Demat and trading accounts. but some other broker is opening the account for free but indirectly they will charge as a plan or any other way. so in this way, Zerodha is not bad. also opening charges is one time. after opening the account you don’t have to pay again and again.

Should I Open Demat Account With Zerodha?

Yes, you can open and all the reasons already I discuss above. but if I want to tell the main thing to open an account in Zerodha is a low brokerage and low DP charges. because other charges like account opening and maintenance charges are one time or yearly but brokerage and Depository charges you have to pay multiple times, so both the importance charges are lower. that why you can open an account in Zerodha.

also as a beginner trading interface is so good. a beginner will not get confused in the Zerodha kite trading platform. and for the pro trader, it provides Zerodha PI which is very useful.

Some negative Points

  • Sometimes when high traffic in the stock. means sometimes when more traders trading the stock that time your buy and sell order may not execute. this thing happened with me also but Zerodha is improving there serve, so in current time these problem is reduced.
  • customer support problem. most of the people complaining about Zerodha customer support. but as my experience, Zerodha customer support is average not good or not bad.

only two negative points. but other stockbrokers have also problems when more buyer trader that time order may not execute some time. but as Zerodha has a large customer that why maybe more trader rise complaint about this. Should I Open Demat Account With Zerodha


after comparing positive and negative problems Zerodha is the best broker in terms of lowest costing . and the lowest cost does matter to the trader. everyone is trying to make money from the market so if the trading cost is higher than the end of the day you may see the losses of the trading because of higher trading charges. Should I Open Demat Account With Zerodha

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