Upstox Pro review-2021, Discount Broker, Demat (Good or Bad)

Upstox is India’s second-largest discount broker and is the fastest-growing broker. So in this article, I will review the Upstox pro discount brokerage platform base on Trust ability, Brokerage changes, features, and user interface of the trading platform.


Upstox pro review:

  • its updating trading software frequently with lots of new features and better trading experience.
  • charting software is very advance. you will get trading view charting software in this trading platform.
  • options data is the trading software, which is very helpful.
  • also, all the features include in upstox pro like other discount brokerage platformed has.

Disadvantage Upstox Pro Review

Upstox Pro review:

  • For new traders, the app includes lots of features. this may confuse you. but overall this is good.
  • Brokerage charge is less than many discount brokers but not lowest.
  • And DP charge is also lower but not lowest in the market.

Review in Details

This is the main concern of all the trader and investor, that is there money is safe? Because in the past many Brokerage platform misuse the money of the investor as well as traders.

Upstox Is safe because Ratan Tata is backed Upstox.

When the name Ratan Tata comes to mind. He is the Indian industrialist, philanthropist and former chairman of Tata Group. The Tata group is one of the biggest groups in India. Lot’s of money spending on charity. That’s why this is very reliable and trustworthy.

The Upstox pro Review of trading platform:

The one of Upstox pro is giving you lots of features than other brokerage trading platforms. below I all discussing trading features details.

  • It has traditional and trading view charting software in the trading platform. You can use both software as you want. Especially trading view software is the advanced charting software that will be provided for free. This is the advantage then Other discount brokers.
  • Options chain feature: you can watch options chain( put and call) using the trading platform. This is also an advanced feature. It will help you to take more correct trading actions.

Lots of features available in the trading software which will help you to take trade more precisely.

X the trading platform is a little laggy. but Upstox is continuously updating the trading software for a more smooth experience. ( Don’t hesitate. This is not an issue for buy or sell the stocks).

The mobile app also includes all the features which are on the web trading platform. Which is very good and useful for trading.

X similarly, this is a little laggy app but the app is included of all the advanced features. you can buy and sell the stock easily using a mobile app. Upstox Pro Review

To open Equity and Commodity market trading account. In both market opening fees is zero.

but you have to choose brokerage plans

  • In 249 plan you will get brokerage credit of 400 Rupees for 30 days.
  • In 499 plan you will get brokerage credit of 1000 Rupees for 30 days.
  • In 999 Plan you will get brokerage credit of 2500 Rupees for 30 days.

(Note: Credit time is for 30 days. after 30 days you have to pay brokerage as per brokerage charges). Upstox Pro Review

100 Rupees charge for physical account opening form.

The opening process is easy . you can open an online account as well as by physically formed summiting. opening fees zero. this is very good but you have to choose 299,499 or 999 plan and you will get brokerage credit as per the plans which you can use for 30 days.

X Everything is ok in the account opening process.

Maintenance charge is 25 rupees +GST per month. and it will charge end of the every month.

The maintenance charge is not much annual maintenance charge is 25*12= 300 Rupees + GST.

AMC charges are similar to other discount brokers.

you can buy and sell the stocks via phone call but you have to pay Rs 20 per order. you can buy and sell the stocks via phone call but you have to pay Rs 20 per order.

Most all the brokers taking 20 rupees for call and trade facility.

Help and support are good. for any type of query visit, Upstox contact us. support is good as my experience.

DP charge (Depository charge) is Rs18.50 + 18%GST. so you have to pay this amount of money when you sell your holdings of one company. upstox pro review

X Depository charge is not higher but also this is not the lowest in the market.

Upstox is the discount broker that’s why brokerage changes are less compared to full-service brokers.

Two types of brokerage plans available in this trading platform.

  1. Basic brokerage plan
  2. Priority brokerage plan.

You don’t have to pay for Basic or priority plans while opening the account. just you choose what plan you want so that your margins and brokerage charges will be different.

upstox margin

Margins: Upstox is giving lots of margins. you can get upto 27 times margins. which is very good for them who want to trade in the margin money. 27times margin means, if you have Rs2 then you can get Rs54 Rupees for trading. Upstox Pro Review.

Although I recommend beginner not take any margin for trading. leverage is good for those who make a profit and bad for those who are in loss. because taking leverage money for trading you can make a huge amount of money if your trade is correct. and if you trade is wrong then a similarly huge amount of money can be a loss.

Upstox is giving lots of money leverage which is very good and other broker is not giving that much leverage.

  • Upstox Basic
  • Brokerage: Flat 20 Rupees or 0.05% (Whichever is lower)
  • Zero Brokerage on delivery
  • Upgrade to Priority plan anytime
  • Sign Up
  • Upstox Priority
  • Brokerage: Flat 30 Rupees or 0.10% (Whichever is lower)
  • Zero Brokerage on delivery
  • Downgrade to Basic plan anytime
  • Sign Up

X Brokerage is a little higher in my Point of View because the brokerage of Zerodha is flat 20 or 0.03%. otherwise, everything is ok. if you will not interested in doing intraday trading, then this is very good for you. Upstox Pro Review.

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