Angel broking Review 2020 – (Fees, Brokerage, Demat A/C)

Before opening the Demat account on the Angel broking you can see my angel broking review. demat account nee angel broking is the full-service broker. angel broking has 110 offline branches in India. so that if you have to face any problem then you can visit the branch for any type of problem.

Topic Upstox
A/C Opening Charge Rs600/-
Brokerage Charge Rs20/Trade
DP charge Rs20+18%GST
AMC charge Rs450/- From the 2nd Year
Call and trade facility


Loan Against Share
Support Angel Broking Review


Angel Broking is India’s one of the oldest Broker. it’s working since 1987. so that why this is trustable. and it has 110 offline branches all over India. that why you can trust this broker because it was started a long time ago and currently smoothly running without issues.

Angel broking is safe. Angel Broking Review

Account Opening charge

The account opening charge is Rs 600/-.

The account opening charge is one time and the opening charge is a little higher.

Brokerage Charges

  • Brokerage charge is 20 Rupees per Trade for intraday. ( means if you buy and sell the security on the same day, so you have to pay Rs 20/Trade)
  • And delivery is free. (this means if you buy the security and hold at least for 1 day, then sell you don’t have to pay brokerage charges)

As a full-service broker the brokerage is justified.

Depository Charge

Depository charge (DP) is Rs20+18%GST. you have to pay this amount of money when you sell your holding share of one companies stock.

DP charge is not higher and also not lower. Compared to full-service broker the DP charge is low and compared to discount broker the DP charges is higher.

Annual Maintenance charge

AMC of Angel broker is 450 rupees + Tax. This is annual charges for every year. and fast year you don’t have to pay the maintenance charge. you have to pay from the second year.

Good Thing is you don’t have to pay AMC for the first year.

Maintenance Charge is a little high. But as a full-service broker, the AMC charge is justified. If you need low maintenance charges brokers, then open Demat account with a discount broker.

Call & Trade facility

Call and trade facility is available with angel broker. But you have to pay 20 rupees per trade.

20 rupees is not bad. other brokers also taking this amount of money for call and trade facility.

Loan Against Shares

You can take a loan from brokers against the share you brought. this is a very good option. if you want a loan then its the best choice for you. but make sure the load is against the share you brought. if you don’t have share then you will not get any money from brokers.

this is a very useful feature the broker provides.


Support is good, also you can visit offline branches for more help. or you can contact by phone call and email support is available. go Angel Broking contact us page for more information about how to contact.

support is good.

Conclusion angel broking review.

My conclusion of angel broking Review is this is the full-service broker but its brokerage fee is very good. the brokerage charge a little bit higher than discount brokers. also according to the 2018 report angel broker has the most active client among all brokers.

Should you Open angel broking Demat account?

If you want a full-service broker then you can open an account on this platform. this is a very good full-service broker because brokerage charges, facilities, and other charges are lower as compared to other full-service brokers.

using a Full-service broker you will get research reports and stock recommendations. and if you want to be an independent trader then you own have to research companies and choose stock as your own research.

But if you want less brokerage charges and other charges then go with a discount broker like upstox and Zerodha because discount brokers charges are very low. that why in the current day’s traders are opening Demat account with discount brokers.

this s the end of the angel broking Review.

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