What Is Coppock Curve Indicator (Trading strategy)

Coppock curve indicator tells you to buy and selling a position for a long time frame.

It’s designed for a 1-month time frame candle and for long term traders. Who has a patient to trade for a long time frame.

You can set 1 month candle time frame in your trading software for CC indicator. It’s not mandatory to use a 1-month candle in trading software. But it’s developed for long time trading.

You can use a short time frame chart, like weekly, hourly, even minute candle chart. But this can show lots of noise.

Coppock Curve indicator setting

Search ‘Coppock Curve’ in your tarding software

Coppock curve indicator settings
  • Field: By default is ‘Closing price’. This means the Share price candlestick closing price will take to calculate this indicator. You can choose open, close, high, low, etc available.
  • Short ROC: this is a short-range of change
  • Long ROC: this is a long-range of changes
  • period: 10 candle price will take to calculate this Indicator. And show you buying and selling signals.
  • Result: this is the CC indicator line color.

Coppock Curve indicator trading strategy

  • When the CC indicator, crossing 0 levels and moving to upward direction. Above the 0 line is the buying signal.
  • When CC indicator, crossing 0 level and moving to downside direction. below 0 line is selling signal.
  • you can use this indicator for long term trading purposes. and for that set 1month time frame for better signal.
  • also you can use weekly, daily, minute candle Charts for trading signals. but its short period of the time frame it will show multiple false signals. To reduce false signals You can use the RSI indicator with CC indicator. so that when both indicators give a signal to buy, then you can buy it. or when both indicators give selling signals then you can sell.


Coppock Curve is a good indicator of long term trading. but you can use this for short term trading also. to do short term ṭrading with CC indicator make sure to use a combination of other indicators (Like, RSI). so that you can reduce false signals.

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