What Is Acceleration? Formula, Unit, Dimensions, Quantity, difference between acceleration and velocity

If the velocity of an object continues to increase, the rate of increase in velocity is called acceleration.

Acceleration Formula

If the initial velocity of a moving object is u and after t Time later the final velocity of that object is v, then the acceleration of that object (f) = the final velocity of the object (v) - the initial velocity of the object (u) / the elapsed time (t).

I.e. acceleration of the object, f = (v-u) / t

Dimensions of acceleration

The dimensions of acceleration are M0LT-2.

What is the unit of acceleration?

  • Units of acceleration in C.G.S system is Centimeters/second2 .
  • Units of acceleration in S.I (MKS) system is meters/second2 .
  • Units of acceleration in FPS system is feet/second2 .

Quantity of acceleration

Acceleration is a vector Quantity.

What is the difference between acceleration and velocity?

Velocity is defined as the motion of an object in a specific direction.Acceleration is defined as the change in velocity of an object over time.
Displacement / timeVelocity / Time
meters/second meters/second2 .

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